Shoot to sell

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Everyone knows that houses sell more easily if they have been well photographed and hotels, too,  are finding that in this online age they need excellent photographs of their rooms and facilities to secure bookings.

Horses are no different!

A few years ago a client of mine left work at lunchtime to meet me at his yard. He changed and took the horse out in a field at the back of the yard where he jumped over a hedge once in each direction. The horse was advertised that afternoon and sold the following day!

It's not always as easy as that but it does help to illustrate that using your phone to take a photograph of a photo on the wall or on a professional's website may not be the best way to sell your horse. Instead I aim to take good clear images on the flat, over jumps or across country, depending on the type of horse, at a venue of your choice.

I charge a flat fee per horse photographed, with only travelling expenses to add.

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