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Prints are processed by a professional lab and available in gloss or lustre finishes. Please consider the shape of your image when selecting a print size as some image do not suit some crops. The lab can print in a range of other shapes and size which are not listed on the website so please ask if you are not sure which will work best!

As part of the quality control process prints are normally returned to me by the lab, and then sent on if I am happy with them. If you need prints in a hurry please use the express service option so that prints are sent directly to you, normally within 48 hrs.

Frames prints 

Framed Prints

Prints can now be ordered framed. Simply choose your frame type at the time of ordering  - it’s that simple! 

There are different frame colours available (black or aluminium at 7x5 or 8x6, many more at larger sizes) and then they are finished with high-visibility acrylic, giving the same clarity and definition as glass, but with added durability and longevity. 

Each framed print is hand assembled by highly skilled craftsmen at the lab I use, using materials sourced from the best suppliers in their field. Framed prints come in a presentation box.

Greetings card 

Greetings/Christmas Cards

Why not have your favourite photograph made into a Christmas card or greetings card? I offer a number of different sizes and orientations and cards can be ordered in different quantities.

Choose from a list of internal greetings or personalise your cards with your own greeting.

Cards come with the correct number of white envelopes.

Alumini Print detail

Alumini Prints

The latest in high definition print technology, the Alumini Print is a robust and attractive product with an ultra modern look.

The colours are vibrant and have a depth that displays your images on a luminous, scuff resistant and waterproof metal surface. The Alumini Print comes with 4 print surface options; high gloss, high gloss brushed, satin, or satin brushed. The high gloss and satin options offer exceptional image clarity and colour reproduction due to the image being infused into a special coating on the aluminium sheet. Both brushed options offer exceptional image clarity and colour reproduction with a lightly brushed texture behind it. There are many size options to choose from and the finished product stands 12mm off the wall surface due to our unique hanging system.

  • Vibrant colours and brilliant luminescence
  • Four striking surface finish options
  • Ultra hard, scuff resistant and waterproof surface
  • Stands 12mm from wall surface
Heart-Shaped Frame for 7"x5" print

Heart-shaped frame

Looking for something special for the loved one in your life? I might be able to help!

This 27cm x 28cm frame holds a 7"x5" print and can either stand on its own or hang from a single or pair of hanging rings on its reverse.

 Block wrap detail

Block Wrap

A modern twist on a canvas. Instead of wrapping a canvas around a wooden frame a Block Wrap is created by securing a photographic print around the edges of an MDF board. 

The image is photographically printed and laminated with an attractive satin finish. It is then formed around a solid 12mm or 18mm MDF board and sealed at the back. It is fixed to the wall using wooden batons which keep the wrap proud from the wall surface, displaying your photography at its best. The Block Wrap is delivered in a presentation box.

  • 12mm & 18mm depths available.
  • Traditional silver halide print.
  • Laminated for extra durability.
  • Lossless image fold on corners.
  • Stands proud of the wall surface.
  • Supplied in presentation box.

Canvas prints

A classic product. A photographic print is made on polycotton canvas and then stretched around a wooden frame.

  • Available in 5 sizes
  • Printed on polycotton canvas
  • 3.8cm wooden frame
  • Machine stretched
  • Options to wrap photo around edges.
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