If you have arrived at this page having clicked a link on an image you found via a search engine then thank you for taking the time to find out about licensing an image.

Without getting too technical, I own the rights to all my images. It is illegal to copy or publish my images in any way without my permission. I employ a third party service to find unlicensed uses of my images and to pursue those cases through legal channels.

I will try to accommodate your needs without it costing you a fortune.

Filling in the form below will help me to understand what you need my image(s) for and to quote you the best deal possible for using them.

Please describe the image you are interested in (event, year, people shown etc.) and also include details of the type of licensing you require.

For example:

  • type of publication

  • size of image used
  • position in publication
  • duration of use
  • geographic distribution (worldwide/one country etc.)

Once again, thank you for doing this the right way!