Why aren't the images I want available as prints/downloads?

Some of the the events I cover for magazines and newspapers have official photographers who are the only people allowed to sell images to competitors and the general public. You will find that my images from these events are only available via a Rights Managed license (see below).

How do I search the site?

In the top right-hand corner of every page there is a search box with the words "image search" inside it. Click inside this box and the words will disappear. Type in the word or phrase you wish to search for and click Go. A new page will load which shows you the results of your search.

Where are your prices?

Images are purchased for different uses and because of this there are different price lists.

If an image is available for sale or licensing then it will have grey buttons displayed above it when viewed as a single image (i.e. when you click on a thumbnail) or at the bottom of the thumbnail if you hover your mouse over it.  If you wish to download the image (see below) then choose Buy Download to view prices for different sizes. If you wish to buy a print or canvas click the Buy Print/Canvas button to view those prices.

What are the differences between the licenses?

If you wish to have an electronic copy of an image for personal use then buy a download using the Buy Download button. This license gives you free rein to do as you wish with your image as long as it is not for financial gain. You can print it, use it on social media sites, or just use it as a screensaver but you may not use it for commercial gain.

If an image does not include a person, or the person included is not recognisable, then an image may be available as a Royalty Free download. An RF license allows use of an image for anything, including commercial use, and allows an image to be used again and again.

Other images are available for commercial use via a Rights Managed license. This is a license for a specific use of an image and the prices depend on lots of factors, such as how many copies would be printed, who would see it etc.